Our mission is to create high-quality eyewear that not only looks great on you, but that you can also feel good about wearing.

We are always working on ways to reduce our environmental footprint, from sourcing eco-friendly and recycled materials, to optimising our supply chain and shipping methods.

This world we live in is a beautiful place. Let’s keep it that way.


Bio or recycled frame

Rather than adding more plastic to the world, we chose to look at what was right in front of us and through working with an Italian supplier found a way to develop our frames from two very unlikely materials: wood pulp and cotton. As a result, our frames are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and 100% eco-friendly.

Determined however to not compromise on quality, we’ve focused on the highest standard of production methods to develop a product with a sense of luxury that can only come from natural materials. The result? Stunning eyewear that doesn’t cost the earth.


Recycled leather case

We looked far and wide to source the best possible material for our protective cases and found ourselves in a predicament. How could we offer a hard wearing, stylish protective case, whilst using an ecologically sound material and efficient production methods? The answer came after stumbling across a boutique bag maker in Spain, who manufactures bags from recycled leather and natural latex materials. Together we now produce all our cases at their boutique studio in Madrid. Case solved.


Trade in / upcycle

If you are already own a pair of our sunnies, and want to upgrade to a new style, or just want to refresh, get in touch and we’ll recycle, up-cycle, or compost / dispose of your frames responsibly. In exchange you'll get a 30% discount off your next purchase.

Send us your old IOE product, with your contact details, and we'll get send you a one-off code to use on your next purchase.


Repair, don't replace

Because life happens. Sunnies get sat on, dropped, left in the car and inevitably scratches, scuffs and bends happen. We don’t believe in discarding an otherwise perfectly good pair of sunnies, so if they're are looking worse for wear, we'll will fix them at cost price*.

Simply send them to us with a note detailing the issue, and we’ll send them right back once we’ve replaced your lenses, buffed your scratch, tightened the frames, etc**

*Isle of Eden frames only.
**If the frames are faulty, we'll replace them free of charge (within a year)