Our mission is to create high-quality eyewear that not only looks good on you, but that you can also feel good about wearing.

We are always working on ways to reduce our environmental footprint, from sourcing earth-friendly materials to use for our frames, to repairing or up-cycling your used IOE sunnies, to optimising our supply chain and shipping methods.
This world we live in is a beautiful place. Let’s keep it that way.

Bio + recycled materials


All our frames are developed with the environment in mind.

Working together with the best materials suppliers from around the world, we produce our frames from the most environmentally friendly materials available, to develop luxury products that leave smaller environmental footprints. We currently make all of our frames with bio and recycled acetates, which is all derived from wood and cotton pulp.

Our Recycled frame material is made with pre-production acetate offcuts and scraps from the manufacturing process, which is classified by colour, crushed, dried, dyed, granulated then re-extruded into new acetate sheets.

Our Bio-based frame material is made utilising a vegetable plasticising solution in place of the standard oil-based plasticiser. This makes them over 90% biodegradable within 180 days (in controlled conditions),


Recycled leather case

We looked far and wide to source the best possible material for our protective cases and found ourselves in a predicament. How could we offer a hard wearing, stylish protective case, whilst using an ecologically sound material and efficient production methods? The answer came after stumbling across a boutique bag maker in Spain, who manufactures bags from recycled leather and natural latex materials. Together we now produce all our cases at their boutique studio in Madrid.
The leather we use is also Oeko Tex, and Global Recycling Standard certified.

*If we are out of stock, our recycled leather cases be substituted with a premium New Zealand leather pouch (also made in New Zealand).

Trade in / upcycle

If you already own a pair of our sunnies, and want to upgrade your style, or just want to refresh, fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with how to get the ball rolling. We will then try to recycle, up-cycle, or donate your old frames. In exchange you'll get a discount off your next purchase.

Send us your old IOE product, with your contact details, and we'll get send you a one-off code to use on your next purchase*.

Trade in form
*View 'Trade In Initiative' T&C's

Affordable repairs initiative

Because life happens. Sunnies get sat on, dropped, left in the car and inevitably scratches, scuffs and bends happen. We don’t believe in discarding an otherwise perfectly good pair of sunnies, so if they're are looking worse for wear, we will arrange to fix them for you.

Simply send them to us with a note detailing the issue, and we will send them right back once we’ve replaced your lenses, buffed your scratch, tightened the frames, etc**

**View 'Repair Initiative' T&C's 

Clean the coast

Litter is a major risk to New Zealand's people, culture, environment and economy, especially when it enters the marine environment. Isle of Eden has decided to support Sustainable Coastlines in cleaning up the coastlines of Aotearoa, in a mission to create a beautiful litter-free beaches and prevent plastic from entering the environment.

For each pair of sunglasses sold, Isle of Eden / you will help Sustainable Coastlines to remove litter, predominately plastic, from the NZ coastlines through their Love your Coast programme.

Plastic pollution to farm fences

Due to the fragile nature of eyewear, we currently utilise some single use plastics to help protect our products while in transit.

Soft plastics are much more difficult to recycle that regular recyclable plastics which means there’s not many options other than to send it to landfill. Fortunately we were able to find a solution to our single use plastic waste in the form of Future Post.

Future Post is an innovative Kiwi company that up-cycles soft plastics into fence posts for farms and garden boxes.
All our soft plastics are collected, bundled and delivered to Future Post on a regular basis. 

Read more about the comapny here


We know we're not perfect, and still have a long way to go. Below are a few of the things we're currently working towards with suppliers and manufacturers, to ensure we're doing the best we can by our planet.


Our lenses are currently made with CR-39 plastic monomer which is lighter than glass, less likely to shatter, and is very close in terms of optical quality. However this means that our lenses are not as earth-friendly as we'd like them to be. We are always looking for a better, more environmentially friendly option that will also meet our standard for optical clarity. As soon as we're able to source a more suitable option, we'll jump on it. This is on the cards for 2023.

Metal components

We salvage and re-use metal components in repairs where possible. However, we are currently utilising our manufacturers own brand of hinges, screws, inner cores, and metal end caps which are more difficult to trace.
Due to the environmental impact of mining metals, we will be looking to switch to parts supplier that utilises traceable metals to ensure that they are from sustainable sources.